Social Media: Connect

We create social media campaigns that tell your story and connect to your audience—fun, relevant, and engaging.

Social Marketing: Reach

We reach people with your brand's story through expertly crafted, targeted ads created by our digital marketing specialists.

Social Data: Learn

Through monthly analysis we bring you the data you need the most—and we translate it into terms you and your team can understand and use.

We Tell Your Story

For nearly a decade, Flying Ace Media have been translating music manufacturers' stories to social media platforms around the world. Founded by musicians, and marketing to musicians, we are already inside the heads of your audience.

From social media strategy to content creation to marketing campaigns, we'll help you define and reach your audience and analyze your data to create the most successful social media campaigns possible.

Take the guesswork out of digital ads, statistics, and hashtags. Whether you're looking for an occasional consultation or a full campaign management for your brand, we handcraft our campaigns with all the love and care you put into creating your products.


Ready for the next step?

Send us an email describing your brand and your needs—whom are you trying to reach and why? We'll get back to you as soon as we can.